What is a woman? Artists have time and again endeavored to unravel the mysteries of the feminine consciousness and spirit —yet few, if any, have touched the real essence of a woman.

“Himig” does not attempt to reveal womanhood and her wiles. On the contrary, it seeks to depict rather than describe women in terms of familiar objects, sensations and feelings they evoke. Whether they are merged with musical instruments, where the music and the woman are as one, or shown even in the simplest movements in their daily lives there is beauty, there is strength, there is music.

Women and music—no two entities are strikingly alike. Like music, women convey a wide variety of emotions. They can be frivolous one minute and solemn in the next. Their silent acts of sacrifice can be heartbreaking, yet their joys can lighten the darkest hours. Like music, they move to an ever-changing rhythm that encompasses indescribable moods.

Like the most beguiling melodies, women are never what they seem to be. Like the sound of a symphony, they are clothed in layers of complexity, of beauty and spirit. At their most sublime, women, like music, defy definition.

She is the instrument of emotion… there is music in her gentle caress, a song in her simplest of moves, a melody in a mother’s silent communication with her unborn child. She is a source of a unique kind of music—a harmony that depicts the sound of their feelings, their strengths, their dreams and aspirations, their singular exquisiteness.

“Himig” takes off from my works belonging to an earlier exhibit, “Kandungan”. While the “Kandungan” pays tribute to women as sources of nurturing, love, care, comfort and strength, the latter, “Himig” simply celebrates a woman’s beauty. Generous in their proportions, the sculptures attempt to show the woman that is beneath the surface. Celebrating her inner strength and depth of being… celebrating the gentleness, love and inspiration they bring to our lives.

In “Himig” each sculpture has been painstakingly crafted from a combination of various metals to celebrate the feminine spirit and romance the feminine form. It is a humble attempt on my part to express what one cannot put into words in depicting a woman.

Himig”- a Filipino word that means music or melody.