Diaphanous Boundary

April 25 – May 10, 2013
Gallery Art Verite’
2C – 2F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines


What is seen of us and what we are… are not one and the same. We spend our lives building a cocoon around us to protect ourselves from hurt and pain, to protect our secrets. We retreat behind barriers that get more and more opaque with each day that passes and each layer we build. We create solid boundaries that act not only as walls but also become for us a prison of sorts. Keeping the world at bay and hiding our true selves. We don clothes of bias, discrimination, and insecurity and we veil ourselves with secrets. Clothes that weigh us down and clothes that get heavier each day, a dress best shed and replaced with a translucent tracery, a curtain rather than a wall. We don a new garment not of full disclosure but of honesty and openness. We keep a boundary as we all must but a boundary that lets our true self shine and allows us to see the world with our heart and not simply our eyes. And as the world sees beyond our cocoon so should we look at the world and see beyond what is visible. To see beyond the rough exterior and change the world simply by changing how we perceive it.

We shed our past and look towards the future and share our inner light living through a diaphanous boundary.