Doorway to Decision

May 20 – June 16, 2012
Pinto Art Museum
No. 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grandheights
Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines

Doorway to Decision

Each Step we take in our life affects those around us. A myriad lives sharing one womb, each life

inescapably intertwined, each life capable of shaping the world.

Our decisions move us forward along different paths. Paths straight and narrow and some paths

crooked. And at times…

we choose to find our own path and leave a way that others may follow.

Our Decisions viewed as new possibilities or viewed with regrets.

As a door closes others take its place, it is our choice to look back onto the closed door or to venture forth to find other doors just opened.

We soon discover that our life is transition… through doorways the other side of which we do not know.

We find some doors locked and others wide opened.

Others we surprisingly find… that though closed, do not need any key other than a gentle nudge to let us in.

It is in choosing the doors and going through them that defines us. To step into the unknown is the beginning of a new journey. A doorway of speculation. A journey that make us what we are and ascertain what we will become.

Our struggle is not with the world but within ourselves. A war of choice, to opt between good or evil,

love or hate, forgiveness or blame. We may choose to live life as an adventure or

we may choose to merely stare beyond the door and resign ourselves to inaction. To opt to be seen or

merely to  view.

It is not fate ordained that controls our lives…

but choice that deliver us to our destiny.

It is faith within that leads us to the right path…

and delivers our salvation.

To truly live life is to face the Doorway to Decision…

and to step in.

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