March 1 – 4, 2018
​Art Fair Philippines 2018 – The Best in Philippine Modern and Contemporary –  
Art Cube Gallery, The Link,  Makati Avenue corner Parkway Drive, Makati City, Philippines

Entra Nel Carnevalle

Tales of the Peculiar

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Entra Nel Carnevalle

Come on Come all

Dreams walking, strange talking, the unexpected a norm

Join the parade and wave

Be proud, be brave

Stand upside down to see the right way up

Stare from the large end of the telescope, look down a periscope

On a Ferris wheel we ride, breathe in deep the sights

Journey with each turn,

Anticipate, appreciate, originate

Enter the house of mirrors

This house of cards Redeemed


Turn the page in the Book of the Peculiar

What stories lie within, what tales therein

The world is flat and so it turns

Venture the edge and hope to return

Discover secrets seldom shared, escaping as a whisper… sadly unheard

Hidden away in lockets & pockets, by candlelight seen

Wonders revealed with each chapter that’s been

Jingle, Jangle, Jungle

The truth revealed

Flora, Fauna, anything I wanna

Walk the magic gallery to the mystery we yield

Here in the cabinet of Curiosities, we live in

Nonsense, fun sense, candy to the eye

The viewer viewed, the collecter collected, the seeker sought

Music insight sounds illuminate bright

Each nook & cranny with space hardly any

Bookshelves aplenty

Wishes a penny

Welcome, welcome to the 


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