August 28 – September 10, 2009
2nd Level Dela Rosa St. corner Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines


Man’s life is a nexus. Full of arrivals and departures. Crossroads and junctions.

It is in our nature to seek transcendence.

We wish for change. We venture on new paths and we cross boundaries to reach beyond our own mortality.

As we thread our way through our frailties we seek redemption and salvation from our God.

Our life is a journey, from the moment of our Genesis to our last days.

We struggle with the world and with ourselves.

It is in this journey that we are defined.

It is in the avenues we choose that lead to our achievements and sometimes even to our mistakes.

It is in our courage to take that leap of faith that makes us who we are.

Our success is in everything we do to make our dreams reality and not in the success itself.

Living is the quest and life… is but a passage.

-Daniel dela Cruz

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