August 27 – September 07, 2010
2nd Level, Dela Rosa St. corner Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines


At a time when technology – and the choices available to us – dramatically evolve and burgeon us from day to day, our lives have turned into one breakneck ride on the express lane. Ironically, most of the high-speed avenues we choose to follow take us to the edge. Some manage to hit the brake, others are able to turn around in time to live another day. Many, however, fall into the dark crevice.

“Precipice”, takes a careful glimpse at that precarious point – that singular moment in time in our individual lives when we come face-to-face with our own weaknesses and limitations – indeed, our own mortality. My thesis, as the new batch of works will hopefully reflect, takes a buoyant look at that instant when we are placed upon that cliff – the point of no return. As is illustrated in the title piece of “Precipice” this crucial point leaves us torn… we my choose to back away from where we are or choose to go forth and make a leap of faith into the unknown. A choice clearly shown by “Finding Faith” a choice where our faith and trust in God allows us to transcend the dead ends and limitations set upon us by our world. It is as well an exploration of time, a time to sit and reflect or a time to breakthrough and go beyond the comfort zones we have established.

Creatively, “Precipice” has also tested the physical limitations of my chosen medium. I have stretched the limits and strength of various metals to allow the fluid forms and movements of my sculptures to seemingly defy gravity. Strength only possible with these noble elements, a strength that bellies the delicate grace and balancing acts achieved. Some sculptures take off from a minute base to spring forth into a full-bodied representation of the human form in action. A few emerge, such as in “Beyond Time” from planar wall pieces as if defying the confining solidity of the metal to achieve form. I have wilfully took metal into the precipice, and it wonderfully held together – allowing me to discover the material’s new strengths and its capabilities… allowing my visions to take solid form.

We may totter and stumble, and indeed, fall, as we face imminent danger. But like metal – the most malleable of all primal materials – we can roll with the punches, take the blows, and emerge from the fall transformed, renewed and rendered more beautifully

-Daniel Dela Cruz

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