Woman in the Mirror

November 10 – 26, 2012
Gallery Art Verite’
Bonifacio Global City Taguig City, Philippines

Woman in the Mirror
Daniel Dela Cruz

Eyes staring back, penetrating, gazing straight into her soul.

Reflections within….stirring,unfamiliar but yet recognizable.

Shadows of intuition and of intimacy

But with feelings of doubt and turmoil.

Thoughts of what could have been and what may be.

Silent whispers murmuring in her mind, clamoring voices begging for release.

A stranger she hasn’t met but who she seems to know.

Often we seek solitude as a means to separate oneself from this world. But in looking in, we find inside of us, things which give birth to questions of who we really areWe make stories of ourselves to compensate and to fit in, and over time we start to believe, forgetting the real truth within.

We are born slowly into our identity…. Inhabiting different cocoons at each stage, and with each rebirth we find realization. We are both the blacksmith and the metal…. it is through our journey through the anvil of adversity that we form ourselves. We find ourselves burned and beaten but ultimately reformed into a whole new being. Like a sculptor with a block of stone, we chip away until we reveal our very core.